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Uniform Security

CNSS Security Officers are trained and equipped to operate in a diverse range of hazards and conditions. Your Security Officers will be polite, proactive, and professional. These qualities combined with a friendly, positive demeanor that sets a positive environment for both employees and customers. Our stringent recruitment process ensures that all of our staff are confident, capable and striving to keep your envisions the main goal. 


Loss Prevention

Retail Loss Prevention Officers work with a diverse group of retailers to provide well-trained personnel in customer settings, including high-end luxury boutiques. Your officers are trained to detect and prevent loss in your premises from internal and external theft. CNSS Security is proud to offer a list of unique and successful services that have been designed to be flexible, affordable, and compatible in today’s changing retail environment.


Event Security

Are you organizing or hosting a birthday party, wedding or, corporate function? Your special occasion could be spoiled by gate crashers, intoxicated people, or other disturbances that can change a great time to a frustrating and costly event. You can protect your guests from experiencing the awkward nature of these events by speaking to CNSS Security and allowing us to tailor a solution to meet your specific requirements.


Mobile Patrol

At CNSS Security we have highly trained and fully licensed Mobile Security Officers to secure and patrol your premises when required. We are available for immediate response to threats received by our dispatch. Our mobile patrol services will then ensure that your premises are secured, locked and protected. Your Security Officer will roam throughout any assigned areas in specialized security vehicles 24 per day, 365 days a year.


Patrol Horses

The horses and their riders have a difficult job. They are continuously exposed to demanding environments while on patrol. This can include situations commonly encountered in dense urban areas such as heavy traffic,  sirens, other animals, large crowds of people, etc. Our Mounted Unit is not bred or colour specific, CNSS Security has chosen a very specific variety of horses to ensure that the public is first priority and safe. Our patrol horses can be approached at events that take place in provincial parks and public environments. 


Armored Truck Transport 

Cash is the most universally accepted form of payment. To most, cash is considered an asset, but for retailers and banks, it can also be a liability and very time-consuming. Cash handling can make you a target for criminals, putting your employees, your customers and your business at risk. So when it comes to protecting your most valuable assets, you need a secure transportation company you can trust – CNSS Security

From bank deposits and change funds to ATM cash replenishments and coin delivery, CNSS Security Cash in Transit (CIT) service has been the safe, secure choice in armored transportation for many clients.




We Protect With Courage & Serve With Compassion

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